CLEANING – How Best To Wash Your DIY Underwear

When your delicates are extra delicate!


Washing handmade underwear
Washing handmade underwear


Doing the washing when your delicates are extra delicate needs to be carefully handled. So when you make panties or sew bra’s it may not be as time consuming as say, making corsets but it is fiddly and you often adore the finished lingerie (rewarding hobby that it is). You also don’t want all the lace and elastic to go to waste no matter how cheap it was compared to buying off the rack underwear.

So here are some tips for keeping nice all the custom underwear makes you put so much time and effort into:



Nothing keeps your completed bra design projects looking like new the way hand-washing will. By far the gentlest method for cleaning your delicates because you’re in complete control.

Make Bra’s Singularly, Make Panties In Multiples!

A bit like a seasoned suit wearer will purchase 2 or 3 pairs of pants to go with a single suit jacket, try making 5 pairs of pants per bra if you always wear sets. Panties are quick and easy to sew and strictly a single use garment. Bra’s however, can be worn multiple times and are supposedly our least washed item of clothing. Don’t be afraid to wear a bra several times before washing it, especially if you haven’t been particularly energetic. There are no sweat glands in our boobs ladies.

Get A Bra Bag

If you must carefully make your own underwear then throw it in the washing machine, don’t chuck it in loose. Your lingerie is likely to rip, stretch, fray and bra cups will become horribly misshapen. Lingerie bags are small inexpensive net bags. I put atlas 3 bras inside each other, place them in the zip up bag, then tie a knot in it so they can’t move around. They come out generally as they went in shape wize.

For Heavens Sake Don’t Use The Drying Machine!

Bra fabrics do not like to be tumble dried! I don’t think there’s much else to say on the matter. Fabrics with any elastic or give to them tend to stretch out of shape. Let them air dry on a clothes horse. If you’re going out and need to wear that exact bra then use a hair dryer on a low heat to speed the drying process.