CORSET MAKING – Types of Corset Fabric

What corset friendly fabrics lurk in your stash?


Inner Corset Fabric

This can be various different cottons; cotton twill or cotton canvas are often used but cotton coutil (prefferably with a herringbone weave) is the stuff developed to use in corset making. This stuff is the least stretchy of all the fabrics, perfect for corset construction.

Outer Corset Fabrics

This can be more or less anything as it’s whats known as a ‘fashion fabric’ or outer shell, mainly for decoration. Here are the most commonly used corsetry fabrics.


Cotton was originally used for Victorian corsets before they moved onto Satins etc. Cotton is still one of the most used outer corset fabrics as its natural fibers allow the skin to breath. It’s also strong, durable and therefore adds an extra strength layer to the corset.


Both a beautiful and soft fabric, satin is probably the corset fabric most people see in their minds eye when they picture making a corset. Above Dita Von Teese models a gorgeous dusty pink satin underbust with matching corset bra.

Satin has a high shine and comes in a wide variety of colors. Satin coutil is also a thing, coutil with a high shine surface allowing the corset maker to create single layer corsets great for summer.


The exotic woven silk brocade corset is the epitome of luxury and decadence. Often thick and heavy (which keeps the surface smooth and relatively wrinkle free) with detailed patterns and a shine approaching that of satin.

PVCs & Leathers

Not so great in hot weather or for regular wear. These ‘fabrics’ are easier to keep clean with PVC being completely wipe clean. Great for impact, often relegated to the realm of fetish, both leather corsets and PVC are slowly becoming more mainstream.