The Underwear Equivalent Of The Little Black Dress


bra making black set
Bra making black set

Yes the nude bra is more practical and the bright colored bra more fun, but the black lingerie set is the classic, sexy, understated wardrobe staple of the underwear world.

No matter what your shape, colorings or style choices, everyone looks and feels good in black underwear. Which is why it’s my suggested first bra make for those just learning how to make underwear for the first time. I always recommend black for your first attempt at a lingerie set.

Of course there is a second reason to┬ámake underwear in this color – it’s very forgiving!

Many a time I’ve seen newbie bra makes design their┬ácustom underwear in bold colors with, heaven forbid, contrasting stitching which is of course uber cute and fine for your third bra maybe, if you’re feeling confident.

However, start off with that sort of undie project and you’re unlikely to be happy with the results. Laughably varied stitch widths and bodged detailing are to be expected when you start out.

Black hides a multitude of sins! Fair enough practice on white or light colored fabrics but I strongly recommend that when you make underwear you intend to wear for the first time, go with black if you want to be happy with the result. The rainbow of bra materials in your fabric stash will still be there next time you buy bra wires and your next underwear pattern!